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Brenda Mahan's Contact:

Tiffany Ray serves students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Brenda Mahan teaches grades 6-12.

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           Murray State University              

Center for Gifted Studies

Super Saturdays Workshops

Fall 2016 – Paducah Campus

4430 Sunset Avenue, Paducah, KY 42003

September 10, 17, & 24th, 2016, 9:30am – 12:30pm


What is Super Saturdays?

Murray State University’s Super Saturdays Program brings together this region’s best students, top quality faculty, and intellectually stimulating study topics, with the best physical resources available. Faculty have been selected from area schools, Murray State University, and other institutions with unique talents to work with school age groups. The course topics offered are intended to challenge the students and to provide enriching opportunities at a more rapid pace and in smaller groups than are usually found in their schools. Pre-registration is required.

Workshops are taught by certified teachers and professionals in the area of the subject of the class. All teachers plan differentiated, hands-on lessons with the majority being STEM-based and planning activities 1-3 grade levels above where their students are in school.


Does My Child Qualify?

The Super Saturdays program is open to gifted, talented, and other exceptional students. All applications must meet at least one of the following criteria: admission to the school’s gifted and talented program; scores at the 95th percentile or higher on a recognized Standardized Achievement Test Battery; or a verifiable IQ Score of 120 or higher. If the school has not yet identified students for the gifted and talented program or in the primary talent pool (ex. Kindergarten students), they may qualify with a recommendation from the teacher or guidance counselor stating 1) the student demonstrates high potential, 2) the student is motivated to learn and can focus energy working toward task completion, and 3) the student is able to work cooperatively in a group setting with challenging content.  If the student has not been given an IQ or achievement test, he or she may take an IQ test through our Center, tested by our certified educational psychologist. (The cost of the test is $50).

Registration Fee and Discounts 

The registration fee of $115 for the 3-week course must accompany the application. This fee covers instruction, materials, program t-shirt, and refreshments. Families enrolling more than one child may take a $20 discount per student after full payment is made for the first student. One discount or scholarship per person please. Each course is limited to 20 students (unless otherwise noted) and filled on first-come, first-serve basis. A few $20 scholarships are available for students with financial need and two minority scholarships. 


What to Expect

Each Saturday, (September 10, 17 & 24) classes begin at 9:30am. Students are dismissed to classes beginning at 9:20am. Parents will sign students in and out with their child’s teacher at the beginning and end of each class. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless a parent/guardian has signed them out. In the event someone else must pick up your child, we must have the written and signed consent of a parent or guardian to the Program Director, Mrs. Cathy Lyles, before your child may leave with someone else. Each Saturday a snack and drink will be provided by Super Saturdays between 10:30-10:45am. Classes will dismiss at 12:30 on September 10 & 17h.  A Parent Meeting (not mandatory) will be held from 11:00am-12:00pm on Saturday, September 24th in the lecture auditorium. Our speaker will be Dr. Ted Brown, English Professor at Murray State University and parent of gifted children. Our schedule on September 24th will be from 9:30-12. At that time our Open House will begin so parents and family can see everything your child has been learning during the program.

Refund Policy 

A full refund of fees will be made when cancelled by the participant by September 2nd, when a class is cancelled, or when the application is rejected by MSU for any reason. No refunds will be made for voluntary withdrawal after September 2nd.


Weather Cancellation Policy 

We keep the safety of all Super Saturday’s students, parents, teachers, and administrators a top priority. Because of the great number of participants travelling throughout the entire region of western Kentucky, Super Saturday’s sessions may be cancelled due to inclement weather at the discretion of Program Director. Cancellations will be sent out via email, Facebook, Twitter and SNOWMAN 6.


Contact Information: 

MSU Super Saturdays (SS) Program Director: Mrs. Cathy Lyles

Phone: (270) 933-8541, Email:  cathylyles@rocketmail.com               

MSU SS Administrative Assistant:  Misty Campbell

Phone: (270) 809-2538, Email: mcampbell@murraystate.edu

MSU Center for Gifted Studies (CGS) Director: Dr. Echo Wu

Email: ewu@murraystate.edu, Website:  www.murraystate.edu/cgs (online registration)


Two Ways to register:

  1. On-line (password: supersaturdays)

Super Saturdays Marketplace

If you are a returning student, simply register and pay on

Marketplace. If you are a new student, register on

Marketplace, then bring a signed copy of your

Application with appropriate school signatures on

September 10th.                               

  1. Or Mail to:

    Center for Gifted Studies

    Attn: Misty Campbell

    3101 Alexander Hall

    Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071



    Our Workshops


    Head Exploding Science!  – (C. McAlister) Students will have three crazy days of science and engineering.  You will be experimenting, designing, and building your way through many fun challenges!  There will be marshmallows flying and explosions.  It’s what you have always wanted to do at school but your teacher wouldn’t let you!  (1st-2nd grade) Maximum class size of 10.

    Pirates of the Caribbean – (L. Pratt) Join a pirate crew and set sail for adventure! We will recreate the world of Golden Age piracy by choosing up crews and making the same decisions that actual pirates had to make. Young pirates will spend time each week studying pirate’s biographies, practicing navigation, sketching a portrait of Blackbeard and identifying ship's parts. (K-2nd grade)


           Fun with French! – (A. Doughty) Jumpstart your child's   globetrotting with an   immersive French language course!  Oui oui! We will discover the language of love along with culture, history, and fun!  This course is for students of all ages and levels.  Join us for a journey to France and back!  Bon voyage!!  (K-2nd Grade)  



            Lights! Camera! Action! Reader’s Theater - (T. Crass) Students will create settings, props, costumes, and a script from favorite children's books.  On the last Saturday, students will perform their reader's theater for the parents. (1st-3rd Grades)


  Ice Cream Tycoon – (N. Wilson) Everyone loves ice cream! Now is your chance to open your very own ice cream shop. You'll have an opportunity to create your own menu, make your favorite flavor, design a flyer to advertise your shop, make a commercial, and more. Join this class and become an ice cream tycoon! (3rd – 5th Grades)

    French Neighbors – (V. Hendley) Students will learn about neighborhoods in various parts of France using the French language. They will then create the city of their dreams! Students will have hours of hands-on, challenging fun to create their own special place. By the end of the program, students will be able to describe their special place all in French.  (3rd-5th Grades)


Hunger Games Outdoor Survival – (J. Spann) How would you survive if our current system of government was thrown out and you were on your own?  Check out the latest survival tactics and come up with a few of your own as we study and create situations that would be a great challenge!!!  (3rd-5th grades)

American Girl Doll’s Rock! – (L. Ferguson) Students will step back in time

as we focus on the real life events that inspired the stories of the American Girl Doll Historical Series. Through hands-on projects your child will study the historical events and culture portrayed through these American Girl Dolls.  (2nd-4th Grades)



        History Alive: Homeland Security – (G. Ross) Students will join the C.I.A. (Colonial Investigation Agency) to explore the 13 original colonies, the Boston Massacre, and uncover facets of the Atlantic Slave trade.  Students will walk into a real crime scenes and face the reality that is our history as a nation and design and create your own personal ISN (Interactive student notebook).  (4th – 6th Grades)


Whose Line Is It? – (S. Cayton) Did you know that many of your favorite funny actors and actresses started out by doing improvisation comedy?  This class is an opportunity to learn many improv games and activities, helping you to be creative and spontaneous and to have fun on stage! We will have our live performance for family at Open House.  (6th-8th Grades)



 Medical Heroes – (M. Meinschein) This class introduces students to various healthcare occupations to see in which job they might be more suited or interested as a future career. Students will not only learn skills for each job, but will become certified in first aid through the American Heart Association. There is a $6 lab fee added to this class for the AHA certification card.  (6th –8th Grades)


  Scratching the Surface of Coding – (A. Garner) Students will be using Scratch Labs to create games, activities such as dance videos, and much more. Students will be using basic logic principals as well as basic computer language to grow into Coders of their own games. Students will then be able to keep the projects they create and work on them in the future.  (6th – 8th Grades)


   The Write Stuff – (M. Wallace) This creative writing class is for 6th-8th grade students that want to learn more about how to create new innovative poetry and descriptive, yet well-balanced material, for their short stories and novels.  Students will expand on character development, scene description, transitioning between scenes, and imagery.  No experience is necessary, just a passion for creative writing and an open mind is all you need to become a gifted an influential writer. (6th - 8th Grades)




Super Saturdays Application Form

September 10, 17, & 24, 2016 


MSU Paducah Campus, 4430 Sunset Avenue, Paducah, Kentucky

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, September 8th at 4:30pm 


Student’s Information: E-mail is how we correspond & confirm (please print clearly)  

Name ____________________________________________Age ____________________

Gender _________School ____________________________________Grade_____________

Address _____________________________ City________________ State_____ Zip ______

DOB_________ Parent/Guardian Name(s) _________________________________________

Evening Phone # (___) ______________________________Cell# (____) _________________

Emergency Contact: Name ___________________________ Phone # ____________________ Allergies________________ Parent E-mail______________________@_________________


Preferred Course Selections:  

1st Choice _______________________2nd Choice   ______________________

3rd Choice _______________________


T-shirt Size (please circle): 

Youth Sizes: S (6/8)         M (10/12)      L (14/16)

Adult Sizes: S        M        L         XL            XXL

 (Child t-shirt sizes run small, so order accordingly) 

** This session we are also offering hooded sweatshirts. If you would like to order one, please write the number of hoodies you want next to the size and add the cost to your registration payment. J

Youth sizes: S___      M___        L___                                                         # Youth____ X 16.95=$_________

Adult sizes:  S___     M___        L___       XL_____      XXL____    #Adult ____ X 16.95= $_________     

Signature Endorsement: Applications not considered without all signatures  

Parent or Guardian: I am aware of the criteria established for participants in Spring Super Saturdays and I certify that my child’s application meets the qualifications for participation in Super Saturdays activities. I give my permission for photographs and/or video to be taken by Murray State University personnel in order to promote programs sponsored by the Center for Gifted Studies.  


Signature:         ________________________________________________ Date ________

*** Returning Super Saturdays students do not need the signature below.


School Principal or G/T Coordinator: I understand the criteria necessary for participation in Super Saturdays and certify that this applicant meets those qualifications including my professional endorsement. 


Signature:  ________________________________________________ Date ___________

Either register online or Mail To:                    Center for Gifted Studies

Attn: Misty Campbell

3101 Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall, Murray, KY 42071

**New students registering on line, please bring the signed application on September 10th.


Checks payable to:  Murray State University

Carr students have been working on Environmental Engineering Design projects which involved making water filters.

Students from grades 6-8 recently spoke to the Fulton Rotary Club about their study of robotics.

Students from grades 6-8 recently spoke at the Fulton Rotary Club on their study of robotics.



7th Grade students look forward to dissecting snakes each year.  In 6th grade students dissect bullfrogs and in 8th grade students dissect sharks.



If you are interested in the Murray State Summer Challenge Program for gifted students in grades 6-9 please click on the link below:

Summer Challenge at Murray State

For information on Western Kentucky University Gifted and Talented Programs click on the information below:

Western Kentucky University Summer Programs for Gifted Students


For a copy of our Policies and Procedures Manual, please click on the link below:

Policies and Procedures Manual



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